18 USC 2257 Statement

GrigTube.com does not primarily or secondarily produce any and all content found on the site (GrigTube.com). With respect to records per 18 USC 2257, for any and all content found on the site, please direct your request to site in which content was produced.

GrigTube.com is a sharing site defined as allowing for uploading, general viewing, and sharing of a variety of adult content. While GrigTube.com maintains a good faith effort to verify compliance, it can’t guarantee 100% accuracy.

Grigtube.com abides by the following procedures to ensure compliance:

  1. GrigTube.com follows these procedures to ensure compliance:
  2. Requires all users to be 18 years old to upload videos Upon upload, users are required to verify content assuring performers are at least 18 years old, certify keeping records of the models’ verification of their age as being at least 18 years old

GrigTube.com allows flagging for inappropriate content. If any content is flagged as unlawful, illegal, harassment, or any other reason, GrigTube.com shall eliminate it from the site expeditiously.

GrigTube.com urges users finding such content to flag as inappropriate by using the “Flag as Inappropriate” link below each video.